An ultimate guide to know each and everything about Rugs

by GWG Outlet

rug adds a finishing touch to any space and brings a layer of intricacy. However, finding the right rug can be a little overwhelming because you need to be very sure about the type of rug or carpet, the size, its material and fabric, which opens an endless scope of mistakes in your home.

 For instance, if you buy a very big rug, it is unlikely that its edges will fit into your walls as they will envelop the space; therefore, finding the right spot for your rug is essential for you before you go and buy one in the market.

Here is a perfect guide that tells you everything about carpets and rugs and how you need to style every space in your home with these inseparable layers of love.

Living room carpets

Living Room Carpets

The first essential step before buying a carpet is to consider the room that best suits these carpets. Know about the purpose of these carpets, whether it is just for an aesthetic look or if you are looking for something functional that prevents you from slipping. When looking for a living room carpet, the first important thing you need to consider is the placing of this carpet. Suppose you have sofas or other wood furniture in the center of your living room. In that case, you need to look for a carpet that perfectly fits this central space, or maybe you can change the entire outlook by pushing the furniture towards the room edges to make enough space in the center. On the carpet, you can also include a centerpiece like a table with a flowerpot which is sometimes said to be traditional.

 Entrance door mats

You might want to look beyond a doormat which says welcome or has folded hands or has welcome written in different languages because it is something that most guests will overlook. If you want people to pay a little closer attention to the entrance door mat, it needs to be incorporated so that it is attractive or something big enough to not go out of sight. For outdoors, it is always advised to buy bigger doormats which range from 12 to 24 inches, and the color can be select according to the color of your opposite walls or your environment.

 Dining room carpets

Dining Room carpets

 If you have a tough time deciding the right size for your dining room, then always look for the size of your table because that is a reference point for deciding how big of a carpet will fit that room. You can select from a range of shapes, but the most common ones include round or circular carpets that align the table, and make sure the rug is big enough such that push-back chairs fit into this space. The material you select here is especially very important because if you have pets in the house and kids, they can spill liquids and other food items on these carpets; hence, they need to be easy to wash or clean with a vacuum.

 Carpets for the hallway

Most people have a hallway which is a canal connecting all the rooms of a home or a flat. You can have a long rectangular-shaped carpet that is as warm and wool or made of cotton and silk as it is durable and long-lasting. It is also the best for hiding any dirt. Whether you buy small-sized carpets and place them at a different distance in the hallway or only at the entrance of every room connected to the hallway for cleaning purposes and beauty, we always prefer a carpet that entraps the entire hall room space.

 Bedroom carpets

Bedroom Carpets

If your bedroom is quite spacious, one piece of advice is to include a large rug that encompasses your entire bed and the accessories in your room. However, for smaller bedrooms, any rug that covers 1/3 size of the bed is good enough because a larger rug in a smaller bedroom layers the entire flooring of the bedroom. In addition, some people may not opt for placing the beds on the carpet, so the space available around your bed can be used for different design carpets or even hand-loomed or bamboo-made carpets, especially on wooden floors.

 Bedroom mats

While most people may not opt for many bedroom mats, if you do not want to get a bedroom carpet, then you can keep it subtle by placing the mats in different spaces in your bedroom. The entrance can have a bedroom mat to ensure that you do not get the outside dust into your room, especially on the bed. The next spot can be just near the bed, where you place your feet before getting on to the bed. If there’s a washroom in your bedroom, then a mat can also be placed outside the washroom. In addition, if there are night accessories or tables with lamps, those tables can also include mats, especially mats with cotton or wool fibers.

Carpets for stairs and landing

Carpets for stairs are essential for you to not slip on the stairs, but sometimes they can also include aesthetics. Before selecting a carpet for stairs, you must research the placing and materials of these carpets. If they are outdoor stairs, cotton or wool fiber carpets will not work, especially in a region where it rains heavily. For outdoor stairs, you can always opt for synthetic carpets or carpets with long fiber synthetics that give you the grip while you walk on the stairs. Indoor carpets can be chosen from a list of carpets available, but a piece of advice is to always give thought to the size of the carpet and how it will perfectly fit each stair. The reason is that if the rug is larger than the stair, then there are chances that you can trip on the carpet so always have carpets which are slightly smaller than the edge of every step.

 The bottom line

This is everything you need to know about rugs and carpets and how you must have the right choice and balance before selecting carpets and rugs for every space in your home. Ensure to include all these tips for your next shopping for carpets and rugs.