Coffee tables for minimalist, light, and luxury decor

by GWG Outlet

While the couch and masterpiece hanging on your wall become the center of attraction in the living room, it is the coffee table that lends both practicality and aesthetic feel. All the homeowners want a unique coffee table for their living room, and this quest could be confusing or overwhelming. However, contemporary designers are now providing homeowners with a vast array of choices. Whether you want a classic design or you want to keep things minimal, there’s a coffee table made just for you.

Here are some of the best designs that promise to add glamour, versatility, and minimalist magic to space.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables for minimalist, light, and luxury décor

  1. Rectangular Coffee Tables – Call it mundane, outdated, or basic, rectangular tables are still the first choice for many homeowners. The best part about a rectangular table is that you can find many unique designs that will break the traditional mold. For instance, a table with a glass top, a table with storage, and tables with poppy or cold tones as per your preference.

Here are some of the best rectangular coffee table designs:

  • Rectangle Teak Wood Solid Coffee Table- Are you a nature lover? This table will truly depict your love and admiration for nature as this table is handmade from thick slabs of organic teak wood. The rectangle coffee table puts natural beauty on full presentation. Its simplicity makes it versatile, and you can decorate it in many ways.

Have a look at this Rectangle Teak Wood Coffee Table here.

  • White Lacquered Rectangle Coffee Table – If you have a super modern interior theme and you want that bold impression on your furniture, try this White Lacquered Rectangle Coffee Table. The glossy, refined, and artistic look will attract many eyes. Also, the hidden drawers slide out from every direction.

Check the White Lacquered Rectangle Coffee Table here.

  • Rectangle Lift Top Coffee Table – Simple yet unique. This extremely functional piece of furniture provides lower spacious sections for easy access to necessary items, while the top can be lifted to become a spacious desk. Perfect for the new normal work-from-home days.

Here have a look at the elegant Rectangle Lift Top Coffee Table.

  • Faux Leather Ottoman Classic Rectangle Coffee Table – Another functional design, you can choose is the faux leather coffee table. The ottoman coffee table takes care of both comfort and practicality. The warm brown color will go well with neutral shades, whereas the versatile grey is for all the minimalists out there.

You can buy your Rectangle Faux Leather Ottoman Coffee Table here.

  1. Modern coffee table designs – A coffee table has the ability to make or break your room’s look. Add a zing to your favorite place with these modern coffee table designs :
  • Dual-tone Slide-Open Modern Coffee Table – Unique appeal? Check. More storage? Check. Dual-tone? Check. What else can one want from a coffee table, right?

This dual-tone modern design can slide to open 4 practical storage compartments to stash your magazines, books, remote controls, etc.

Find your Dual-tone Slide-Open Modern Coffee Table with Storage.

  • Large Faceted Coffee Table – A design that speaks for itself. This elegant design will give an unearthed tone to your living room. The designers have applied the black finish artistically and skilfully worn it down to reveal the honey undertone. This coffee table is built to be with you in the good and the bad.

Check the Large Faceted Coffee Table here.

  • Square Solid Wood Rotating Modern Coffee Table – The word square table brings that same old basic image to your mind, but it won’t happen with this masterpiece. This classic piece with a modern twist will surely be the focal point in any room. Classic and elegant while stacked and breath-taking while open, this coffee table is a must in your dream home.

Here is the Square Solid Wood Rotating Modern Coffee Table.

  • Black Modern Coffee Table Who isn’t a fan of black here? Combining the simplistic and bold, the designers created this masterpiece. The clean, bold, and elegant design of this coffee table makes it a steal.

Get your Black Modern Coffee Table here.

  1. Round Coffee table designs – Whether to add functionality to your living room or to keep your remote controls in place, a round coffee table serves every purpose in your living room. Select the best from these hand-picked round coffee table designs :
  • Round Glass Coffee Tables With Geometric Brass Base – This stylish duo is all about the base, and you’ll love it. These two tables are a perfect blend of glass and metal and suitable for Modern interiors or those looking for an infusion of youthful style.
  • Modern All-White Rotatable Coffee Table – If you want that retro touch in your living room, this is the option to go for. This multifunctional round rotating table will add charm, practicality, and 60’s touch to your living room. The table comes in two different sizes and can rotate completely.

Check out the Modern All-White Rotatable Coffee Table here.

  • Round traditional coffee table – A bit of that old world’s charm into your new world’s interior. This round table has a traditional touch that will go perfect will vintage theme living rooms and light shade walls.

Check out the Round Traditional Coffee Table.

  • Yin and Yang Coffee Table – Looking for an aesthetic appeal? Go for this yin and yang nesting coffee table, which will always induce positivity around you. The table is made up of a solid bamboo top and hairpin legs. Each piece of the table looks stunning, whether together or apart.
  1. Square coffee table designs – Defined edges, refined top, and great style is something you can expect from a square coffee table. Whether you need a glass table to blend well with the interior or you want a modern piece of furniture, there are a lot of designs you can choose from.
  • Square Stainless Coffee Table With Tempered Glass Top– A bold and shiny stainless steel coffee table will never go unnoticed. If you want a statement piece of furniture that looks sleek and eye-catchy, this one is for you. The glass top is definitely the cherry on the cake.

You can buy Square Stainless Coffee Table with Tempered Glass Top here.

  • 40 Inch Glass Coffee Table – A coffee table that is spacious enough for you to have a game night with your family, sounds perfect right? With the tuck-away seating, this glass coffee table will be perfect for get-togethers. However, the ottoman isn’t included, but you can find them here.

Check the 40 Inch Glass Coffee Table here.

  • Square Black Coffee Table with White Serving Trays Another great option for minimalist and luxury décor is this black and bold square coffee table. The versatile coffee table will suit every home décor. It comes with a few storage cupboards to stash your magazines, remote controls, etc.

Find your Square Black Coffee Table with White Serving Trays here.

  • 48 Inch Square Coffee Table With Casters – With a simple design, two tiers, and a contemporary style, this square table is a steal. If you want to enhance the look, you can also get a side table and coordinating bench.

Check out 48 Inch Square Coffee Table with Casters here.

Wrapping Up

During your busy life, your coffee table will hold everything from mugs, keys, remote controls to endless conversations. Apart from the functional benefits, this piece of furniture makes an integral part of your interior décor. There’s a coffee table for every homeowner; all you have to do is look for it. Hopefully, with so many elegant designs, you’ve found your perfect table.