Simple ideas to create a workspace in your home

by Anil Kumar

A decade back, did you even imagine sitting on your couch at home and attending all the high-profile meetings? However, in today's time, technology is at its peak, creating faster and easier working systems. And with COVID-19, these opportunities were exploited even more.

Gone is when people rush to catch the metro or get a lift during office hours. You don't go to the office because you now have your office at home. However, as easy as it sounds, one may not enjoy the luxury of being at home due to the lack of office feels.

You cry on a Monday to wake early and make it to this concrete building. However, taking those short breaks for coffee with friends or sharing some gossip with our colleagues and at the same time nagging at our mates for a birthday or anniversary party is something we miss when working from home.

Though you may not have your co-workers at home, perhaps you can create a creative workspace for you to enjoy working from home.

Five tips to help you make it the best work-from-home scenario

Arrange a separate room

Just like the way vegetables need to be cut in the kitchen and not in the bedroom, your workspace desk needs to be in a separate room. Not in the bedroom, not in the dining room, and not in the living room at all. Every time you are in one of these rooms, you will encounter your soft, bouncy bed or the warming couch, and you will convince yourself for a quick nap. Other members are at home, and you may be distracted by their activities. As long as you can make some space for a desk and a chair with adequate ventilation, electricity, and high-speed Wi-Fi. Any corner of your home can be your office with the required utilities.

Select comfortable furniture

If your chair isn't comforting, you will end up with a neck sprain soon because you spend most of your day sitting at the desk, so having a piece of furniture well suited for your body is important. Back problems may arise, especially when you are home. You may be conscious and maintain good posture at the office due to several eyes being on you but, when at home you will be in your comfort zone, so be mindful to try to sit straight up so as to improve your posture, So a good chair is important. Go for a color that contrasts your walls, and most prefer a white one. Ensure there is enough space for your laptop, files, stationery kits, and do not forget to install a lamp as well.

Let natural light make way.

Natural sunlight is good for your mental health and vitamin D, which you would miss because you are indoors most of the time. So let your desk be positioned to allow sunlight to radiate your skin naturally. However, ensure that this light gets to you only in the morning, around 8 am to 10 pm. Because sunlight is high on UV at other times of the day, ensure to put a curtain that is not very thin and not very thick. A material similar to chiffon fabric can opt. A piece of advice is to install white light, LED light most preferably as it does not absorb much heat and is lost lasting.

Moreover, if you are spending too much time on the laptop, let the wall you face be painted with soft colors because constantly having your eyes on the screen with the colorful background can be stressful to your eyes. Furthermore, place a small pot with greens at the corner of the table, where it will receive sunlight. Greens are a sign of positivity and give you good vibes for growth.

Let the table rest

Your workspace is more than a desk and a chair. You would need space for a computer, files, stationery, telephone or even a printer. Unfortunately, when the space and environment are ours, we begin dumping everything at once and create clutter. If the space is for files, ensure that it holds only work files and not your house documents.  

The goal is to create a space that works parallel to the space in an office. Let it maintain the vibe of an office desk and do not crowd it with unnecessary objects just because there is enough space.

Let the space inspire you.

If you are going to be in the same spot for more than eight hours, then you need to truly make the space your own. When you have blocks in your mind, you can't look at some boring art pieces. Your personality should reflect the environment around you, so let the place be full of your vibes. Let your favorite paintings, scripture, and colors surround your work desk. You can even make some space for soft music when having a headache or some upbeat tunes when feeling low. Let this music be mild because fast-tracked music may get you distracted.

The bottom line!

Trying to create the right vibes can be overwhelming, especially when you have to make some private space for yourself. So do not consider this spot just a work spot, but your go-to place when you need some me-time. It needs to have a sense of belongingness to an extent where even your friends feel like coming to your home and working with you. You don't have to make serious changes, but small minute ones can make a difference. Try out these amazing tips and create a vibing workspace for you.