Various styles of window treatment

by Anil Kumar

You have various types of windows in the house that need different types of window treatments, such as blinds, shades, shutters, or curtains. There are numerous window treatment ideas available for individual windows. The decision depends on your choice, space, and type of material you wish to use. You may opt for a modern window treatment or go in for a contemporary look.

Choosing a Window Treatment:

Windows create all the desired drama for a room or exterior space. Windows are the source of natural light and give you that gorgeous view every morning. Before deciding on a window treatment, you must consider a few points that can help you choose wisely:

Figure out your goal for the Window Treatment:

You must first understand your objective for the window treatment. For example, do you wish to decorate it, insulate the room, or block the extra light? Your goal will help you understand what exactly you need for window treatment.

If you wish to add decorative value, then the window treatment will add more color, style, and texture to the space. If the goal is to insulate and block lights, you may opt for a layer of insulation and thick curtains. If the goal is to let the light in, then you need sheer curtains to let light in. Blinds also help to control the light.

The window treatment may also impact the visibility of the room. This is especially needed for a bathroom window where you want low visibility so that just the light can pass through. Here you may opt for frosted or stained glass panes and blinds.

Various types of Window Treatments:

Window treatment can be explained as doing the interiors of a window which includes its covering in the form of a curtain and the design of the pane.

  1. Window Covering

The window covering is used to cover the window that will help block the sun and add a decorative element. Window coverings come as hard and soft coverings.

Hard Coverings:

Hard coverings are made using hard materials like wooden shutters or blinds. These hard coverings are used to cover only the window pane. They are most helpful to keep away the sunlight as they are generally made of opaque materials. Another hard covering option is the shutters. They can be used on the outside or the inside of the window. Shutters are available in numerous shapes, styles, and colors.

Soft Coverings:

The soft covering options create a more aesthetic and subtle look for the space, unlike hard coverings. The shades contain soft curtains and thick drapes to dress the window. Shades are also made of bamboo or fiber, but they do not have slats similar to blinds. Instead, they act as great insulators. They can be clubbed with curtains to create an aesthetic look. However, modern window treatments may use the shades alone for a streamlined look.

Another commonly used soft covering option is curtains. Curtains can control the light and temperature of a room. They can enhance the room’s look and feel. Curtains are made of different fabrics that combine fun textures and patterns. You can find the right print, color, and texture for your room and decorate the same as per your taste.

Another choice comes in the form of drapes. They are different from curtains as they are double lined, and the fabric used is thicker than curtains. Drapes can easily block the sunlight and cold air. They give a formal look to the room and look stunning.

  1. Materials for Window Coverings

Many materials are available for window coverings. The hard coverings are made of wood, bamboo, plastic, wood composites, or aluminum. The Soft coverings are made of a variety of fabrics. Thermal shades are made of a specially designed honeycomb fabric having air pockets to create the insulating effect. In addition, a dense microfiber is used for noise cancellation curtains.

  1. Styles of Window Coverings

The style of the window covering affects the entire look and aesthetics of the place. It creates a design element in the entire room. If your room has a modern style, you may opt for a window treatment that replicates a sleek and chick look. Common window covering styles include Contemporary, Scandinavian, Bohemian, Rustic, Victorian, Shabby Chic, Beach, Farmhouse, or Modern window treatments.

  1. Window treatments around the window

Apart from the hard and soft window treatment options, a few window treatment options are to be used around the window. Generally, windows come with a trim to create a border around the edges. Window trim can also help design your space and add to the entire feel of a room. Bright-colored window trims can create a peppy, fun look, while heavy tones create a rustic feeling. The trims may be simple, streamlined, or ornate. It may add a decorative flair to the space.

The interior jam of the window is the wall section that reaches out of the windowpane and joins the wall surface. You may opt for polished wood, stone, or steel to create a different look. Reflective materials can capture more light for the room.

You may also add a valance that hangs down from the window top. This decorative piece may further help to control the light in the room. A cornice can also be used for window treatment. It is made of a solid board and helps cover up the window and add a decorative element to the room. Finally, a window reveal can be created using wood piping or painted around a window. It makes the structure visible and adds a decorative element. Wood gives a subtler effect, and paint helps it to stand out.

  1. Window treatment on the window

You can also treat a window by using different types of glass. For example, you may opt for frosted glass to limit the visibility but let the light in. You may also go in for a frosted glass film to cover the existing glass and create a great frosted alternative.

Stained glass can also be used for decorative purposes. The colored glass panels can be welded with the metal frame to create a look. An alternative for stained glass is the stained glass film that can create a similar look. Stained glass can change the light’s color coming through a window and create an aesthetic element for the room.


Windows have a lot of potential to enhance the room's overall look. These window treatments can control the light and heat in your home and make a style statement.

The window treatments depend on your goals, choice, and budget. Though there are numerous options available for window treatments, you must adopt the right approach and find the perfect one for your windows.