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Accent stools

Accent stools prove to be an affordable and extraordinary styling detail that can add warmth and comfort to a space instantly and make the décor look elevated. Placing accent stools has become a big trend that is being liked by all. The stool’s shape and varieties in design and texture make it look like a piece of art. It also adds to functionality as it provides an extra seat or may be used as a side table. You have a wide variety to select your favorite. Pick the accent stools you love to add instant character to the space.


The features of Accent stools: 

While decorating your home, you take care of every detail. Be it the wall color or artifacts placed on the side table, a lot of thought goes into choosing the perfect piece of furniture. Even the accent stools require consideration, as it all boils down to comfort and style 

What needs to be considered is that these accent stools will act as a point of focus in the living room. They need to gel well with the room decor. You need to choose a color that goes well with other decorations in your room. The next thing to remember is that the main purpose of these stools is sitting. You must look at the comfort as a priority. Check if the seats are too firm or too soft. Pick accent stools that provide the utmost comfort level for sitting and relaxing.

The seating size will also make a huge difference. Another essential feature is the shape of the legs of an accent stool. You get different options when you talk about accent stool legs. They can help you achieve the desired height. These stools can be made of materials like steel or wood. So, choose a style that suits your overall design.

There are many options for the material these stools are made of, and you need to choose as per your needs. Leather, suede, wood, or steel are some common options to choose from.


Accent stools designs:

Accent stools are an absolute gem to have in your home. They come in numerous designs and can be placed as a modern pieces of furniture with a luxurious look. The stools may come with metal legs giving a beautiful golden look. Accent stools come in numerous color options for the upholstery. Choose from green to pink or white to golden, depending on your choice.

Accent stools also come in varieties that act as garden stools. It is made using a porcelain frame with a shiny surface and vivid colors. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. Accent stool is also used as a vanity chair and can be covered using faux fur to make it look all the more classy. The frame is made using wood, and the faux fur is a match made in heaven.

You also get these stools in metal frames with silver and golden finish. It fits a contemporary room as well as an industrial setup.

The accent stools also come in simplistic designs to gel well with different room decors. Change the upholstery and get going!


Why should you buy Accent stools?

Accent stools are multi-functional. Use them in living rooms to add to the sitting space and act as a piece of art. Use them in bathrooms to place near the tub and grab all the bath essentials quickly. Style the bedroom by placing them next to the bed for easy access to magazines or water. Or just place one outdoors to add beauty to the outdoor living space.

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